University of Wolverhampton Enterprise Showcase Event

The University of Wolverhampton will be the first university to hold the Enterprise Showcase Event, a series of events designed for creatives, entrepreneurs, and business owners connected to Midlands Enterprise Universities.  It gives space to connect, forge relationships, collaborate, skill share, and discuss all things entrepreneurship, business, and beyond.  Sharing business, learning together and keeping it local!

At each event different creative businesses will impart some of their wisdom, share their creative journey and inspire.

The first event will have a keynote speech from Stone’s Throw Media based in the Midlands, which was founded in 2011 when two university graduates (Matt Weston and Mike Chinn) launched their own company providing exciting and visually stimulating corporate videos.

The main event will then be hosted by Google Digital Garage Team based in Birmingham.  Google Digital Garage are leaders in teaching entrepreneurs to create business strategies, get involved with digital marketing, and create digital marketing plans.  Their website shows testimonial videos from people who have successfully achieved their goals, turned their passions into reality and grown their businesses.

Midlands Enterprise Universities has key strengths, expertise and resources to support and facilitate entrepreneurship and enterprise.  Nurturing and encouraging student and graduate start-ups is a core element of our provision which not only provides our graduates with the necessary skill set to establish successful and resilient new business ventures, but also makes a valuable contribution to regional economic growth.

It comes as Midlands Enterprise Universities launches the MEU Enterprise Network, which breaks down the barriers between key figures from the universities and business, allowing them to network, share their expertise and perspectives, and work together to solve problems.  The MEU Enterprise Network is a practical way of harnessing the talent being developed in the partnership that is Midlands Enterprise Universities and strengthens research and development.


Professor Ian Oakes, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Wolverhampton and Chair of the MEU Enterprise Group

“Our consortium approach to enterprise delivery exponentially strengthens the impact of existing programmes whilst at the same time provides an innovative form of enterprise delivery.  This innovative partnership improves collaboration and cross university activity.  Our partnership offers a wealth of opportunity to share and create best practice, extending the offer of specialist advice and guidance across a wider region and thus benefitting wider economic regeneration.”


While our events are invite only, if you are interested in our activities please get in touch to see if there is a future project or event that may interest you.