Universities provide help to enable more tests for COVID-19

NTU Technical Specialist Emma Storey prepares one of the PCR machines for delivery

Universities are supplying machines to support the national effort in the fight against COVID-19.

MEU research labs and other regional universities have been responding to requests for additional PCR machines to increase the capability for virus testing in the region.  After preparation, the British Armed Forces have been managing the collection and delivery to the testing labs in need.

Professor Nigel Wright, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Innovation, at Nottingham Trent University, said: “Whilst we’re busy supporting our staff and students in this unprecedented situation, we are also committed to support people beyond the university both locally and nationally.  This equipment which is normally used by our researchers will be vital to the national response to COVID-19.”

Using a technique of testing called Polymerase Chain Reaction, or PCR, the machines can be used to test for COVID-19 and viruses such as Hepatitis C and influenza.

Midlands Enterprise Universities institutions are being asked to coordinate by responding to requests for equipment and 3D printing services, where they have recognised expertise.