Entrepreneurship Education

The collective strength of MEU institutions in the development and delivery of entrepreneurship education is highlighted in the September 2017 report Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Education and Support in the Midlands Enterprise Universities” undertaken by the Nottingham Business School.

Key findings include:

There is a wide distribution and spread in the delivery of Enterprise educational activity across MEU HEIs

Whilst MEU business schools are involved in enterprise and entrepreneurial education, this report also highlights significant concentrations of this enterprise educational activity in dedicated centres such as the Centre for International Transformative Entrepreneurship at Coventry and The Hive at NTU.

There is a wide range and depth of provision of entrepreneurial activity across MEU HEIs

The research notes a distinction between traditional (passive or didactic) education ‘about’ enterprise and the more ‘active’ education for enterprise, which is seen as best practice. In this context the report notes the range and depth of provision reported across MEU, classified as education ‘for’ enterprise.

Experiential learning is a notable characteristic of MEU enterprise education.

Experiential learning has been identified as important and effective in education ‘for’ enterprise.  The survey of MEU activity identified many examples of experiential enterprise education ranging from placements, business simulation exercises, business competitions and challenges to fully accredited courses in venture creation at Masters level.

MEU HEs are active in supporting enterprises and entrepreneurs at every stage of the venture lifecycle.

Collectively the MEU institutions target enterprise education at students, alumni and local businesses, supporting enterprises and entrepreneurs from pre-start to established businesses, in partnership with their local LEPs.

A summary of the report can be found here.