New flight and track simulators get students on course for success

The University of Wolverhampton has invested £100,000 in state-of-the-art flight and track simulators to get engineering students on course for success.


A new Virtual Visualisation Centre at the Telford Innovation Campus, part of the £10 million investment in engineering facilities, will be created as a study and research aid for students studying engineering courses – including aerospace and motorsport.

The simulators will offer students hands-on, practical experience in a virtual classroom, allowing them to put engineering design processes into practice by simulating driving or flying conditions.

The enhanced facilities will also include a robotics display centre and a suite of new computers in support of virtual learning.

Dr Syed Hasan, Head of the School of Engineering at the University of Wolverhampton, said: “Our new engineering curriculum has moved away from the chalk and talk era and we are now focusing on providing our students with an innovative virtual teaching experience.

“The benefits of having an in-house facility are enormous, allowing students to get proper hands-on experience.  They will now have the opportunity to design in a virtual environment, putting design principles they have learned in the classroom to the test.

“Our courses are industry focused and shaped by our Advisory Board and our aim through this new curriculum is to bring research into the classroom, preparing the next generation of engineers through research-based teaching.”

The simulators have been provided by local Telford company, Woote, global suppliers of virtual reality equipment.  The simulators are already being used by Motorsport students as part of their preparation before taking part in Morgan challenge and F3 Cup Championship races where the University of Wolverhampton Race Team are currently podium leaders.

Anyone interested in studying science and engineering courses should check out the website.