Microsoft Joins Forces with University of Lincoln to Help Students Prepare for Digital Revolution

Educating and empowering students to thrive in the digital economy is the common vision of a Shared Goals Agreement between Microsoft and the University of Lincoln.

By 2025, it is expected that more than 149 million new technology jobs will be available in areas such as software development, cloud, data, artificial intelligence and security. The skills to succeed in an increasingly digital economy have never been more important.

The agreement, announced today (Monday 23 November), will see cutting-edge Microsoft certifications available to all students enrolled on one of the University’s Computing degree courses. Currently offered as extracurricular opportunities, these learning pathways will soon be embedded within course curricula.

Chris Rothwell, Director of Education at Microsoft UK, said: “The launch of our Shared Goal Agreement programme reflects Microsoft’s continued commitment to Academia in equipping students with the knowledge, competencies and mindset needed to succeed in a world that is increasingly digital and is rapidly changing. We are pleased to be celebrating the agreement with the University of Lincoln. Microsoft and Lincoln share a vision to empower students and ensure they have the skills needed to drive innovation on a global scale.”

Dr Derek Foster, Associate Professor in the School of Computer Science, said: “Advancements in technology, the rise of cloud computing and increasing job mobility are shifting expectations in society.

“The School of Computer Science has built strong relationships with industry to enhance the student learning experience and ensure our students are well prepared to establish careers in this exciting and evolving industry.

“We believe that integrating cloud skills and certification opportunities throughout our courses is a positive step forward to address the current cloud skills gap.”