EU funding for media and digital literacy project

MeLDE project team

Researchers will work with teachers to create a new course which will address digital skills gaps as part of a new €329,975 project led by the University of Wolverhampton.

Over three years, MeLDE  (media literacy and digital citizenship) will develop an online platform to help students and teachers develop media literacy and gain recognised qualifications through Mozilla’s Open badge scheme.

There will also be a new toolkit which teachers can use to roll out media literacy training in their schools, either as part of existing classes or an extra-curricular activity.

The project has been granted European funding, after a successful Erasmus+ Key Action 2 strategic partnership bid from the University’s Faculty of Arts.

Alison Carminke, Academic Enterprise Manager for the University of Wolverhampton’s Faculty of Arts, said: “EU citizens (above all, young students) are vulnerable to cyberbullying and cyber harassment, predatory behaviour and disturbing online content. Meanwhile, 44% of Europeans lack basic digital skills.

“Our project will identify current gaps in media literacy teaching, develop teachers’ skills and give them the tools to spread this new knowledge throughout their schools.”

MeLDE was been officially launched in Wolverhampton earlier this month by partners from Cyprus, Germany, Greece and the UK.

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