Midlands Credit Compass

Credit Where Credit’s Due

We understand that you may have to interrupt your studies due to a change in circumstance and/or move away from your current place of study. As a partnership we assist students that need to leave their studies, to return back into education where they can.

If you are leaving your current University and have achieved some academic credit you will be issued with information about Midlands Credit Compass and a verified record of your credit achievements. If you then wish to transfer to another Midlands Credit Compass University you will be given one to one assistance to transfer using your credit record.

The Midlands Credit Compass Universities are: Birmingham City, Coventry, Derby, Lincoln, Nottingham Trent, and Wolverhampton.

What is ‘Credit’ and how is it used?

When you have successfully completed a module at university, your receive a number of credits for that part of your studies.  These can be used (in full or in part” when you transfer to a course at a different university, so that you do not have to repeat the same area of study.

It is more likely that your credit can be used against a similar course, but Midlands Credit Compass will help you through the application process even if you want to study something new.

Our Commitment to you

Midlands Credit Compass makes it easier to transfer or return to one of our universities.  As part of our service to you we will:

  • Provide you with a named key contact at the university you would like to transfer to
  • Respond to your initial enquiry within five working days
  • Support you through the application process
  • Support your application to transfer for up to five years from the time you left your studies

How do I apply?

If you are thinking of leaving your current course please contact your personal tutor in the first instance.

If you wish to transfer to one of the Midlands Credit Compass Universities or have already left your university, please send an email to the university you are interested in going to.  The email should have the following information:

  • ‘Midlands Credit Compass’ in the subject line
  • A photo or digital version of your university transcript, or third party access to your HEAR
  • The name of course you wish to study
  • Your name, address and telephone number

The email should be sent to your first choice of university from the list below:

Birmingham City University admissions@bcu.ac.uk
Coventry University ukadmissions@coventry.ac.uk
University of Derby askadmissions@derby.ac.uk
University of Lincoln admissions@lincoln.ac.uk
Nottingham Trent University applications@ntu.ac.uk
University of Wolverhampton admissions@wlv.ac.uk








Please note that there is no guarantee you’ll be able to switch to another course at a different course provider.  Each university reserves the right to make a decision based upon its individual regulations and admissions procedure.


I left university several years ago, can I still apply?

Yes. Your credit is normally valid for up to 5 years.  However, we would like to support you to continue your studies no matter when you left university!  Please send an initial enquiry email to your first choice of university.

What do I do if I have lost my transcript or HEAR link?

You can still send an initial enquiry email to your first choice of university.  They will help you to get a copy of your academic credit.

I have taken a break but now I wish to return to my original university.  What do I do next? 

Please contact your university with the information requested in the ‘How do I apply?’ section, stating that you wish to return to study.

Can I transfer to study a completely different subject?

If you want to study a completely different subject, it is less likely that you can use the credit you have already earned.  You can still apply to transfer, but you may have to go back to the beginning of the first year.

Will transferring to another University affect my funding and student loan(s)? 

You should still be entitled to funding when you change to the new course, but the rules around this are very complicated – particularly if the transfer requires you to go back a year or more.  The university you wish to apply to will support you to understand how your funding will be affected.  They’ll also be able to advise you about how the transfer will affect any bursary you’ve received from your university.

Can I still apply if I do not have any credit?

Yes. Even if you do not have any credit to transfer, we would still like to support you in your further studies.  However, you may have to undertake the full course if we are unable to accredit any relevant prior learning.  Please send an enquiry to your first choice of university.

Can I apply to a university that is not in the Midlands Credit Compass?

Yes, you can apply to any other university you are interested in attending.  You may have to pay a small fee (for application through UCAS), and it may take longer arrange a transfer than through Midlands Credit Compass.  To transfer to a university that is not within the Midlands Credit Compass Group, please contact that university directly.
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