Creating Impact: Lincoln Launches New Academic E-journal

Minerva for web_2017mainA new academic e-journal addressing emerging issues within the higher education sector from digital education to student experience has launched at the University of Lincoln, UK.

The peer-reviewed, open-access journal, titled IMPact: The University of Lincoln Journal of Higher Education Research, aims to disseminate higher education research and new theoretical perspectives or research agendas, enhancing understanding and stimulating debate.

Produced by the University’s Lincoln Higher Education Research Institute, (LHERI) the publication builds on existing higher education titles, offering the potential for a sharing of values and practice from the wide range of voices of those involved in higher education at all levels

The first edition of the journal contains nine articles from a range of disciplines spanning the University’s four colleges. They explore topics such as the role of student voice in higher education, building respect and changing cultures, and the influence of technology on the 21st Century peer learning environment. The journal also includes a reflective piece presenting a critical analysis of the shifting issues within pedagogical research by the University’s four College Directors of Education.

Journal editor Katie Strudwick from the University’s School of Social and Political Sciences, said: “The vision of the journal is to represent many perspectives, promote a research environment, share good practice and encourage wide participation and collaboration.

“There is a scholarly community which needs to be documented in its many varied forms and IMPact enables academics, practitioners and students to have a say in this dynamic and challenging context of higher education.”

The first edition of IMPact: The University of Lincoln Journal of Higher Education Research can be viewed online at

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